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Customers vote for HOBART: HOBART quality, product performance and services are awarded "BestMarke 2015/16"

The proud winners: (from the right) Axel Beck, Manfred Kohler, and Silvio Koch
the top trio at HOBART, the winner of the overall "BestMarke 2015/2016 Spültechnik"
Best judgement in all profile features
The study determines the profiles of the manufacturers of commercial dishwashers by
means of customers' statements and the criteria the participants were asked to judge.
These are for example "constantly high quality", "economical in terms of water/electricity consumption", "good technical service", or "This is a partner a caterer can rely on at all times".
In all these and many other evaluation criteria, HOBART received top grades –
and came in first in the overall judgement to win the prize "BestMarke 2015/16".

Leading in terms of quality and product performance
"We know from experience what our commercial customers are looking for in a dishwasher: Obviously, optimum wash results but also high operating comfort, low water and electricity consumption, a first-class price-and-performance ratio, innovative solutions, sustainability and
high quality. By giving us top grades in the current image study, the decision-makers from the professional kitchens confirm that HOBART has well earned their market leadership", comments Managing Director Axel Beck on the results of the AHGZ survey.
Customers judge HOBART service "first-class"
For a factual evaluation of the costs of durable equipment, not only the purchasing price
but also the service costs incurred over the years, must be considered. The quality and
reliability of the customer service and of the expert advice given by the technicians,
as well as the degree of support provided for personal calls are likewise major factors
for customer satisfaction. Also in this category, HOBART received top grades.
This makes Sales Director Manfred Kohler particularly happy: "This judgement confirms
once again that sustainability pays off for our customers. The decision-makers in the
catering and hotel trade clearly opt for the best. And our positive order situation reflects this."
Judged by those who know what they're talking about
Half of the participants of the study, all of them decision-makers,
come from restaurants with primarily German cuisine, half from hotels of the comfort,
first class, and luxury level. On behalf of the trade journal AHGZ, they were interviewed
during the summer months by the institute 'The Business Target Group GmbH',
which specializes in research of the away-from-home market.
The study is carried out every two years.


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